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Where To Sell Humble Gift Sea Of Thieves. The turn in point for generous gifts (and humble gifts) is at the masked stranger on the reaper’s hideout. Take the gifts to the masked stranger, who is found standing in the center of the area.

How To Gift Sea Of Thieves
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The island is renamed and now can be seen on the map at the coordinates i12. Humble gifts selling for the price of generous ones bug report lately, me and my friends have been experiencing a bug (i'm guessing?) where humble gifts sell for 10 doubloons and show the generous gift image when showing what item was sold, and vice versa, although the commendations sort the gifts correctly. What do you do with a humble gift in the sea of thieves?

How To Gift Sea Of Thieves

As we mentioned above, the island shown on this map will always be a skeleton fort. Sea of thieves game discussion; Humble gifts can be sold to the servant of the flame at the reaper’s hideout for doubloons and reaper’s bones reputation and emissary value (if sailing as a reaper’s bones emissary). A new weapon added to the sea of thieves during season 3: