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How Long Does A Scorpion Fly Live. The scorpion fly, despite its name, is neither a scorpion nor a fly. Temperatures above or below this range and lack of food will reduce their lifespan to 7 days.

Scorpion Fly (male) by ashperkins
Scorpion Fly (male) by ashperkins from

Alderflies/dobsonflies are easily distinguished as. The oldest known fossil of the scorpion fly dates back to 250 million years from now, which is why, this insect is often known as the living fossil. Why do june bugs fly so crazy?

Scorpion Fly (male) by ashperkins

Males approach females whilst waving their antennae or wings, and then jump on them, hanging on for. The male’s abdomen tip resembles the stinger of a scorpion. The scorpionfly life cycle consists of four stages that begin with an egg's formation. Scorpion flies belong to an ancient order of insects known as ‘mecoptera’ which includes about 550 species worldwide.